In Partnership with WordServe Church

The Habitat for Huggins program was begun by WordServe Church to rebuild or repair homes in the Fulshear community for children who are living in homes filled with safety hazards. The current project is to rebuild the home for a Fulshear grandmother, her daughter and her young children.  Volunteers from the community demolished the old building and will soon provide labor and support to complete a new structure.  See our workday schedule 

Building Material Donations 

Have building materials to donate? Contact Erika Yelverton at  See a list of needed building materials

Here is a video from Habitat for Huggins partner Word Serve Church showing a past project...

This project is clearly in line with WordServe’s vision of "transforming communities one relationship at a time." This project is a direct link to their adoption of Huggins Elementary and represents their focus on making a difference in the community through the schools. It is their hope that many different organizations in the community will play some role in bringing this project to completion. We know it will take skilled workers for much of the construction, but it will also take people willing to serve through clean-up, painting, prayer, food for the workers, and in any other way that God might lead someone to serve. 

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